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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] xi_1997_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 5.5K Hongfei Xi et al: Breakup Temperature of Target Spectators in Au + Au Collisions at E/A = 1000 MeV [TXT] volant_2003_nn2003.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 2.4K C. Volant et. al.: Intranuclear cascade+percolation+evaporation model applied to the 12C + 197 Au system at 1 GeV/nucleon [TXT] turzo_2003_1.shtml 17-Feb-2004 20:48 5.2K K. Turzo et. al.: Multiplicity correlations of intermediate-mass fragments with pions and fast protons in 12C + 197Au [TXT] turzo_2001_bormio.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 3.2K K. Turzo et. al.: Spectator Fragmentation Induced By Relativistic C12 Projectiles [TXT] tsang_1996_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 2.9K M.B Tsang: Squeeze-out of Nuclear Matter in Au+Au Collisions [TXT] tsang_1993_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 2.9K M.B Tsang: Onset of Nuclear Vaporization in 197Au + 197Au Collisions [TXT] trzcinski_2003_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 3.8K A. Trzcinski et al: Energy calibration for the INDRA multidetector using recoil protons from 12C+1H scattering [TXT] trzcinski_1996_zakopane.shtml 23-Nov-2003 16:40 2.5K A. Trzcinski et al: MSX - A Monte-Carlo Code for Neutron Efficiency Calculations for Large Volume Gd-loaded Liquid Scintillation Detectors [TXT] trautmann_2004_bormio.shtml 02-Feb-2004 14:26 1.7K W. Trautmann et. al.: Multifragmentation with INDRA@GSI: from Fermi energies to the participant-spectator domain [TXT] trautmann_2003_pt03.shtml 04-Dez-2003 14:34 1.6K W. Trautmann: New results on multifragmentation and the SMM [TXT] trautmann_2003_iwm.shtml 04-Mär-2004 18:58 3.7K W. Trautmann et. al.: Multiplicity correlations in 12C + 197Au [TXT] trautmann_2003_hic03.shtml 04-Dez-2003 14:35 1.7K W. Trautmann: Au+Au with Indra at SIS: between the Fermi and the relativistic regime [TXT] trautmann_2001_iwm.shtml 11-Nov-2003 12:46 3.8K W. Trautmann et. al.: Experiments at GSI with ALADIN and INDRA [TXT] trautmann_2000_nn2000.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 3.8K W. Trautmann et. al.: Hot fragmentation of nuclei [TXT] trautmann_2000_bormio.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.3K W. Trautmann et. al.: Kinetic Energies in Multifragmentation [TXT] trautmann_1999_rab.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.0K W. Trautmann et. al.: Equilibration and Phase Transition in Spectator Reactions [TXT] trautmann_1999_lanzhou.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.1K W. Trautmann et. al.: Thermodynamical observables in Gold on Gold collisions [TXT] trautmann_1999_hirschegg.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.2K W. Trautmann et. al.: Fragment Kinetic Energies in Spectator Decays [TXT] trautmann_1998_snowbird.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 3.3K W. Trautmann et al: Thermodynamic Variables from Spectator Decay [TXT] trautmann_1997_bormio.shtml 23-Nov-2003 21:05 3.6K W. Trautmann et al: New Temperature Measurements in 197Au + 197Au Collisions [TXT] trautmann_1996_dronten.shtml 02-Dez-2003 21:18 5.0K W. Trautmann: Multifragmentation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Reactions [TXT] trautmann_1995_bormio.shtml 03-Dez-2003 20:40 4.4K W. Trautmann et al.: Formation and Decay of Equilibrated Spectator Nuclei at Relativistic Bombarding Energies [TXT] template_paper.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 2.3K --xx-- et al: --yy-- [TXT] sfienti_2004_bormio.shtml 02-Feb-2004 18:22 1.7K C. Sfienti et. al.: Temperature and Density in Heavy Ion Reactions at Intermediate Energies [TXT] sfienti_2003_bormio.shtml 02-Feb-2004 18:23 3.2K C. Sfienti et. al.: The TP-MUSIC Upgrade at the ALADIN Spectrometer [TXT] serfling_1997_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 3.7K V. Serfling et al: Temperatures of Exploding Nuclei [TXT] schwarz_2000_cris.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 3.1K C. Schwarz et. al.: Time Scales in Spectator Fragmentation [TXT] schwarz_2000_bologna.shtml 07-Nov-2003 14:00 2.8K C. Schwarz et. al.: Proton Emission Times in Spectator Fragmentation [TXT] schwarz_1999_hirschegg.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 2.8K C. Schwarz et. al.: Breakup Density in Spectator Fragmentation [TXT] schwarz_1997_bormio.shtml 28-Nov-2003 19:25 3.3K C. Schwarz et al: Source Temperatures and Sizes in Central Collisions [TXT] schuettauf_1996_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 5.9K A. Schüttauf et al: Universality of Spectator Fragmentation at Relativistic Bombarding Energies [TXT] rubehn_1996_2.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 2.8K Th. Rubehn et al: Probing the quantum-mechanical equivalent-photon spectrum for electromagnetic dissociation of relativistic uranium projectiles [TXT] rubehn_1996_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 3.3K Th. Rubehn et al: Total and Nuclear Fission Cross Sections of 238U at Relativistic Energies [TXT] rubehn_1995_2.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 3.4K Th. Rubehn et al: Charge-pickup of 238U at relativistic energies [TXT] rubehn_1995_1.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 3.5K Th. Rubehn et al: Electromagnetic fission of 238U at 600 and 1000 MeV per nucleon [TXT] raciti_2000_bologna.shtml 10-Nov-2003 21:38 3.6K G. Raciti et. al.: Surveying Temperature and Density Measurements in Nuclear Calorimetry [TXT] raciti_1997_padova.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 1.8K G. Raciti et al: Nuclear Caloric Curve [TXT] raciti_1992_catania.shtml 25-Nov-2003 12:57 3.3K G. Raciti et al: High-Energy Multifragmentation [TXT] pullia_2002_1.shtml 26-Nov-2003 20:48 3.1K A. Pullia et. al.: Resistive or Capacitive Charge-Division Readout for Position-Sensitive Detectors [TXT] pochodzalla_2000_1.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.8K J. Pochodzalla and W. Trautmann: Chemical Equilibrium and Isotope Temperatures [TXT] pochodzalla_1997_1.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 4.8K J. Pochodzalla: The search for the liquid-gas phase transition in nuclei [TXT] pochodzalla_1996_zakopane.shtml 23-Nov-2003 18:41 1.4K J. Pochodzalla: Probing Phase Transitions In Nuclei Via Calorimetry [TXT] pochodzalla_1996_cris.shtml 02-Dez-2003 21:18 4.8K J. Pochodzalla et al.: The Nuclear Liquid-Gas Phase Transition: Present Status and Future Perspectives [TXT] pochodzalla_1995_inpc.shtml 03-Dez-2003 20:40 4.1K J. Pochodzalla et al.: Lifting the Nuclear Fog [TXT] pochodzalla_1995_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 11:29 3.9K J. Pochodzalla et al: Probing the Nuclear Liquid-Gas Phase Transition [TXT] pochodzalla_1994_nn1994.shtml 28-Nov-2003 19:25 3.4K J. Pochodzalla: Multifragmentation and Flow: peripheral vs. central collisions [TXT] phd_zude_1995.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 12K PhD Thesis Eric Zude [TXT] phd_woerner_1995.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 12K PhD Thesis Andreas Wörner [TXT] phd_turzo_2002.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 3.3K PhD Thesis Ketel Turzo [TXT] phd_serfling_1997.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 10K PhD Thesis Volker Serfling [TXT] phd_schuettauf_1996.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 14K PhD Thesis Andreas Schüttauf [TXT] phd_rubehn_1995.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 8.8K PhD Thesis Thorsten Rubehn [TXT] phd_odeh_1999.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 12K PhD Thesis Tariq Odeh [TXT] phd_moehlenkamp_1996.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 10K PhD Thesis Theo Möhlenkamp [TXT] phd_lindenstruth_1993.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 6.8K PhD Thesis Volker Lindenstruth [TXT] phd_kunze_1996.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 6.2K PhD Thesis Wolf-Dietrich Kunze [TXT] phd_kunde_1994.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 15K PhD Thesis Gerd J. Kunde [TXT] phd_kreutz_1992.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 8.4K PhD Thesis Peter Kreutz [TXT] phd_hubele_1992.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 7.7K PhD Thesis Joachim Hubele [TXT] phd_gross_1997.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 17K PhD Thesis Claudius Groß [TXT] phd_fritz_1997.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 13K PhD Thesis Sebastian Fritz [TXT] ogilvie_1991_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:33 2.5K C.A. Ogilvie et al: Rise and Fall of Multifragment Emission [TXT] odeh_2000_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 3.7K T. Odeh et al: Fragment Kinetic Energies and Modes of Fragment Formation [TXT] mykulyak_2003_1.shtml 05-Feb-2004 12:03 3.6K A. Mykulyak et al: Readout of Plastic Scintillators with Cooled Large-Area Avalanche Photodiodes [TXT] mueller_2004_bormio.shtml 02-Feb-2004 14:26 1.7K W.F.J. Müller: MUSIC - Past, Presence and Future of a Detector Concept [TXT] mueller_1999_hirschegg.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.7K W.F.J. Müller: Conditions of Fragment Formation in Central and Peripheral Collisions [TXT] mueller_1996_cris.shtml 02-Dez-2003 21:18 2.6K W.F.J. Müller et al.: Determination of Critical Exponents in Nuclear Systems [TXT] mueller_1996_1.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:53 1.8K W.F.J. Müller: Canonical Sampling of a Lattice Gas [TXT] mueller_1995_bormio.shtml 03-Dez-2003 20:40 3.3K W.F.J. Müller et al.: Phase Transitions in Nuclear Systems [TXT] mueller_1993_1.shtml 26-Nov-2003 20:47 2.5K W.F.J. Müller et al.: Deexcitation of single excited nuclei in the QMD model [TXT] mueller_1992_erice.shtml 23-Nov-2003 21:17 3.3K W.F.J. Müller: Disassembly of Highly Excited Nuclei: From Evaporation to Vaporization [TXT] moehlenkamp_1995_bormio.shtml 03-Dez-2003 20:40 3.6K T. Möhlenkamp et al.: Isotope Ratios of Light Fragments as Thermometers in Heavy Ion Collisions [TXT] lynen_1997_gatlinburg.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 3.3K U. Lynen et al: Present Status of the Caloric Curve of Nuclei [TXT] lynen_1997_gatlinburg.html 29-Mai-2018 10:13 728 This page has moved [TXT] lynen_1996_wilderness.shtml 02-Dez-2003 21:18 3.4K U. Lynen et al: Multifragmentation and the Search for the Liquid-Gas Phase Transition in Nuclear Matter [TXT] lukasik_2003_iwm.shtml 04-Mär-2004 20:19 3.5K J. Lukasik et. al.: INDRA@GSI : Collective Flow from Fermi to Relativistic Energies [TXT] lukasik_2003_erice.shtml 01-Dez-2003 19:16 2.9K J. Lukasik et. al.: INDRA@GSI : Collective Flow in Au+Au Collisions [TXT] lukasik_2003_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 4.2K J. Lukasik et al: Fragmentation in Peripheral Heavy-Ion Collisions: from Neck Emission to Spectator Decays [TXT] lukasik_2002_1.shtml 23-Nov-2003 20:34 3.8K J. Lukasik et al: Transverse Velocity Scaling in Au+Au Fragmentation [TXT] lukasik_2001_iwm.shtml 10-Nov-2003 11:26 3.3K J. Lukasik et. al.: Au+Au Collisions at 40­150 MeV/Nucleon: From Peripheral To Central [TXT] lukasik_2001_inpc.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.8K J. Lukasik et. al.: Transverse Velocity Scaling in Au+Au Midrapidity Emissions [TXT] lukasik_2001_bormio.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:39 4.1K J. Lukasik et. al.: Some gross features of non-central heavy ion collisions -- First results of the INDRA@GSI Campaign [TXT] lukasik_1997_palaver_t.shtml 06-Nov-2003 17:50 3.4K Jerzy Lukasik: Energy dependence of mid-velocity emissions for Xe+Sn [TXT] lindenstruth_1993_1.shtml 04-Dez-2003 18:49 2.8K V. Lindenstruth et al: Breakup configurations in multiple disintegration of projectile fragments [TXT] lefevre_2003_iwm.shtml 04-Mär-2004 20:19 4.1K A. Le Fevre et. al.: Statistical Multifragmentation of Non-Spherical Expanding Sources [TXT] lefevre_2003_bormio.shtml 12-Nov-2003 22:39 4.6K A. Le Fevre et. al.: Source Shape Determination with Directional Correlation Functions [TXT] lefevre_2003_1.shtml 20-Mär-2009 13:43 5.7K A. Le Fevre et. al.: Statistical Multifragmentation of Non-Spherical Expanding Sources in Central Heavy-Ion Collisions [TXT] lavaud_2001_inpc.shtml 10-Nov-2003 11:26 2.9K F. Lavaud, E. Plagnol et. al.: Nuclear Multifragmentation And The Onset of Radial Flow: A Study of Au + Au Collisions Between 40 and 100 MeV/A [TXT] kunde_1995_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 11:29 3.3K G.J. Kunde: Fragment Flow and the Multifragmentation Phase Space [TXT] kreutz_1993_1.shtml 24-Nov-2003 18:31 3.8K P. Kreutz et al: Charge correlation as a probe of nulear disassembly [TXT] imme_2001_iwm.shtml 10-Nov-2003 21:37 2.9K G. Imme et. al.: Systematic thermodynamic observables and nuclear caloric curve [TXT] imme_1996_cris.shtml 02-Dez-2003 21:18 2.9K J. 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Fritz et al: Emission temperatures and freeze out densities from light particle correlation functions in Au+Au collisions at 1 A GeV [   ] footer_phd.htmli 17-Jun-1999 17:02 461 [   ] footer_diploma.htmli 03-Aug-1999 15:24 473 [   ] footer_aladin.htmli 17-Jun-1999 17:02 487 [TXT] dipl_serfling_1993.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 7.5K Diplomarbeit Volker Serfling [TXT] dipl_otte_2003.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 8.3K Diplomarbeit Adam Nepomuk Otte [TXT] dipl_ocker_1993.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 3.2K Diplomarbeit Burkhard Ocker [TXT] dipl_kleinevoss_1996.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 7.8K Diplomarbeit Ulf Kleinevoss [TXT] dipl_bittiger_1999.shtml 27-Dez-2003 16:53 3.0K Diplomarbeit Ralf Bittiger [TXT] dea_turzo_1998.shtml 09-Dez-2003 15:56 4.5K DEA Ketel Turzó [TXT] botvina_2002_1.shtml 12-Nov-2003 21:38 4.6K A.S. Botvina et al: Isoscaling in Light-Ion Induced Reactions and its Statistical Interpretation [TXT] botvina_2001_iwm.shtml 10-Nov-2003 11:26 2.8K A.S. 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