Electromagnetic fission of 238U at 600 and 1000 MeV per nucleon

Authors: Th. Rubehn et al.
Published: Z. Phys. A353(1995)197
Preprint GSI-95-28
Abstract: Electromagnetic fission of 238U projectiles at E/A = 600 and 1000 MeV was studied with the ALADIN spectrometer at the heavy-ion synchrotron SIS. Seven different targets (Be, C, Al, Cu, In, Au and U) were used. By considering only those fission events where the two charges added up to 92, most of the nuclear interactions were excluded. The nuclear contributions to the measured fission cross sections were determined by extrapolating from beryllium to the heavier targets with the concept of factorization. The obtained cross sections for \cf are well reproduced by extended Weizsäcker-Williams calculations which include E1 and E2 excitations. The asymmetry of the fission fragments' charge distribution gives evidence for the excitation of the double giant-dipole resonance in uranium.

PACS: 25.75.+r, 25.85.-w, 27.90.+b

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