Some gross features of non-central heavy ion collisions -- First results of the INDRA@GSI Campaign

Authors: J. Lukasik for the INDRA-ALADIN collaboration
Published: Proceedings of the 39th International Winter Meeting On Nuclear Physics (Bormio 2001), 22-27 Jan 2001, Bormio, Italy
    edited by I. Iori and A. Moroni (Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente, Milano, 2001)
Abstract: Experimental data obtained with the 4π multi-detector system INDRA set up on the beam delivered by SIS, were used to study peripheral and semi-central collisions of Au and Au at energies between 40 and 150 MeV/nucleon.

The analysis was performed as a function of incident energy and of impact parameter, defined through the total transverse energy of light charged particles (Etrans12). This observable was found to be a suitable measure of centrality of the collision for both symmetric and asymmetric systems. For a given system, Etrans12 was found to scale linearly with the available energy. Deviations from linear scaling above certain limits of the available energy are discussed.

Strong forward-backward asymmetries in the emission pattern with respect to the rapidities of the projectile and target residua are observed. Their possible relation to equilibration is discussed and interpreted in the framework of statistical multifragmentation and molecular dynamics models.

Transverse momenta of intermediate mass fragments produced in the midrapidity region are analyzed. The spectra are found to show little dependence on impact parameter implying some scenarios of their origin.

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