Proton Emission Times in Spectator Fragmentation

Authors: C. Schwarz for the ALADIN collaboration
Published: Proceedings of Bologna 2000: Structure Of The Nucleus At The Dawn Of The Century, Bologna, Italy, 9 May - 3 Jun 2000
     edited by G.C. Bonsignori et al., World Scientific (2001), p. 317
Preprint GSI-2000-43, November 2000
Preprint nucl-ex/0009003
Abstract: Proton-proton correlations from spectator decays following 197Au + 197Au collisions at 1000 AMeV have been measured with an highly efficient detector hodoscope. The constructed correlation functions indicate a moderate expansion and low breakup densities similar to assumptions made in statistical multifragmentation models. In agreement with a volume breakup rather short time scales were deduced employing directional cuts in proton-proton correlations.
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Figures: Fig. 1, 2
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