The Nuclear Liquid-Gas Phase Transition: Present Status and Future Perspectives

Authors: J. Pochodzalla, G. Imme, V. Maddalena, C. Nociforo, G. Raciti, G. Riccobene, F.P. Romano, A. Saija, C. Sfienti, G. Verde, M. Begemann-Blaich, S. Fritz, C. Gross, U. Kleinevoss, V. Lindenstruth, U. Lynen, M. Mahi, W.F.J. Mueller, B. Ocker, T. Odeh, T. Rubehn, H. Sann, M. Schnittker, C. Schwarz, V. Serfling, W. Trautmann, A. Worner, E. Zude, T. Mohlenkamp, W. Seidel, W.D. Kunze, A. Schuttauf, G.J. Kunde, S. Gaff, H. Xi, R. Bassini, I. Iori, A. Moroni, F. Petruzzelli, A. Trzcinski, B. Zwieglinski
Published: Proceedings of the 1st Catania Relativistic Ion Studies: Critical Phenomena and Collective Observables, Acicastello, May 1996,
    edited by S. Costa et al. World Scientific, Singapore 1996, page 1.
Preprint: GSI-96-31, May 1996
Preprint: nucl-ex/9607004
Abstract: More than two decades ago, the van der Waals behavior of the nucleon - nucleon force inspired the idea of a liquid-gas phase transition in nuclear matter. Heavy-ion reactions at relativistic energies offer the unique possibility for studying this phase transition in a finite, hadronic system. A general overview of this subject is given emphasizing the most recent results on nuclear calorimetry.
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