Disassembly of Highly Excited Nuclei: From Evaporation to Vaporization

Authors: W.F.J. Müller for the ALADIN collaboration
Published: Proceedings of the International School On Nuclear Physics: 14th Course On Heavy Ion Collisions At Intermediate And Relativistic Energies 7-16 Sep 1992, Erice, Italy
Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 30(1993)165
Abstract: We have studied the fragmentation of Au projectiles interacting with targets of C, Al, Cu and Pb at an incident energy of E/A = 600 MeV. The experiment was performed with the ALADiN forward spectrometer at SIS. The employed inverse kinemantics allowed nearly complete detection of projectile fragments with charge Z >= 2. In addition, the number of light particles for each collision was measured. We compare different observables characterizing the event and investigate the impact parameter dependence of the fragmentation process. It is found that the correlation between the mean multiplicity of intermediate mass fragments <Mimf> and Zbound , the sum charges of all projectile fragments with Z >= 2, is independent of the target nucleus. This universal behavior is consistent with an at least partial equilibration of the projectile fragment prior to its decay. Finally we compare to two classes of statistical models, the sequential decay co de GEMINI and statistical multifragmentation models.
Paper: Postscript 10 pages with 10 embedded figures (1.4 Mb)
Figures: Fig. 2, 6, 7
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