INDRA@GSI : Collective Flow in Au+Au Collisions

Authors: J. Lukasik for the INDRA-ALADIN collaboration
Published: To appear in the proceedings of the International School On Nuclear Physics: 25th Course: Heavy Ion Reactions From Nuclear To Quark Matter, 16-24 Sep 2003, Erice, Sicily, Italy
to be published in 'Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics'.
Abstract: Directed and elliptic flow in symmetric heavy ion collisions has been studied using the 197Au + 197Au reactions at incident energies between 40 and 150 AMeV. The reactions have been measured with the 4π multi-detector INDRA at the GSI facility. In particular, the bombarding energy at which the elliptic flow switches from in-plane to out-of-plane enhancement has been determined to be clearly above 100 AMeV in good agreement with the result obtained by the FOPI Collaboration. The new data allows also to extend the experimental excitation function of v2 to lower energies.
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