Au+Au Collisions at 40­150 MeV/Nucleon: From Peripheral To Central

Authors: J. Lukasik for the INDRA-ALADIN collaboration
Published: Proceedings of the International Workshop On Multifragmentation And Related Topics (IWM 2001), 28 Nov - 1 Dec 2001, Catania, Italy
    edited by G. Agnello, A. Pagano, S. Pirrone (Catania, 2002), p. 75
Abstract: Experimental data obtained with the use of the 4π multi­detector system INDRA and the beams delivered by the SIS synchrotron facility at GSI, were used to study peripheral and central collisions of Au and Au at energies between 40 and 150 MeV/nucleon. The analysis was performed as a function of incident energy and of centrality of the collision, defined through the total transverse energy (Etrans12) of light charged particles (LCP, Z <= 2). Transverse velocities of intermediate mass fragments produced in the mid­velocity region for peripheral collisions were found to show a particularly intriguing behavior. The shapes of the spectra were found to be invariant with respect to the incident energy. Some possible scenarios are discussed. For central collisions the onset and rapid rise of collective radial flow has been observed. The observed anisotropies in the flow pattern are studied within the SMM model.
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