Total and Nuclear Fission Cross Sections of 238U at Relativistic Energies

Authors: Th. Rubehn, R. Bassini, M. Begemann-Blaich, Th. Blaich, A. Ferrero, C. Gross, G. Immé, I. Iori, G.J. Kunde, W.D. Kunze, V. Lindenstruth, U. Lynen, T. Möhlenkamp, L.G. Moretto, W.F.J. Müller, B. Ocker, J. Pochodzalla, G. Raciti, S. Reito, H. Sann, A. Schüttauf, W. Seidel, V. Serfling, W. Trautmann, A. Trzcinski, G. Verde, A. Wörner, E. Zude, and B. Zwieglinski
Published: Phys. Rev. C53(1996)3143 [->Spires]
Preprint GSI-96-11
Abstract: Total fission cross sections of 238U projectiles were measured at bombarding energies of 0.6 and 1 GeV per nucleon for seven different targets (Be, C, Al, Cu, In, Au and U). It is found that all data points fall onto one curve, independent of bombarding energy, once the electromagnetic contribution to the total fission cross sections is subtracted. The abrasion-ablation model predicts a significantly weaker target dependence than observed, and underestimates the nuclear fission cross sections for the heavier targets.
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