Breakup configurations in multiple disintegration of projectile fragments

Authors: V. Lindenstruth, J. Pochodzalla, J.C. Adloff, M. Begemann-Blaich, P. Bouissou, J. Hubele, G. Imme, I. Iori, P. Kreutz, G.J. Kunde, S. Leray, Z. Liu, U. Lynen, R.J. Meijer, U. Milkau, A. Moroni, W.F.J. Müller, C. Ngo, C.A. Ogilvie, G. Raciti, G. Rudolf, H. Sann, A. Schïttauf, W. Seidel, L. Stuttge, W. Trautmann, A. Tucholski
Published: Preprint GSI-93-54, July 1993 [->Spires]
Abstract: Kinematic correlations between three heavy projectile fragments produced in Au induced reactions at E/A = 600 MeV are presented. The sensitivity of these correlations to the disassembly geometry is confirmed by classical three-body trajectory calculations. The simulation suggest a fast disintegration process of an highly excited system. Withn the assumed scenarios the data constrain a possibly existing radial flow to a maximum value of about 1 MeV per nucleon. This radial motion can be provided by the Couomb repulsion between the fragments if the breakup occurs out of a volume with a radius not larger than 15 fm.

PACS: 24.60.Ky, 25.40Sc, 25.70.Np

Paper: PDF (353 kb) 15 pages with 3 figures [courtesy KEK Library using SCAN-200035447]

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