Collective Expansion in Central Au+Au Collisions

Authors: W.C. Hsi, G.J. Kunde, J. Pochodzalla, W.G. Lynch, M.B. Tsang, M.L. Begemann-Blaich, D.R. Bowman, R.J. Charity, F. Cosmo, A. Ferrero, C.K. Gelbke, T. Glasmacher, T. Hofmann, G. Imme, I. Iori, J. Hubele, J. Kempter, P. Kreutz, W.D. Kunze, V. Lindenstruth, M.A. Lisa, U. Lynen, M. Mang, A. Moroni, W.F.J. Müller, M. Neumann, B. Ocker, C.A. Ogilvie, G.F. Peaslee, G. Raciti, F. Rosenberger, H. Sann, R. Scardaoni, A. Schüttauf, C. Schwarz, W. Seidel, V. Serfling, L.G. Sobotka, L. Stuttge, S. Tomasevic, W. Trautmann, A. Tucholski, C. Williams, A. Wörner, and B. Zwieglinski
Published: Phys. Rev. Lett. 73(1993)3367 [->Spires]
Abstract: Energy spectra for intermediate mass fragments produced in central Au + Au collisions at E/A=100 MeV indicate a collective expansion at breakup. For the first time, values for this collective expansion energy per nucleon are extracted independently for each charge. Typically, these values are one-third to one-half of the incident kinetic energy per nucleon in the c.m. system, but they decrease with Zf, suggesting that all fragments do not participate equally in the collective expansion.

PACS: 25.70.Pq, 25.70.Gh

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