Breakup Density in Spectator Fragmentation

Authors: S. Fritz et al.
Published: Phys. Lett. B461(1999)315
Preprint GSI-99-17, June 1999
Preprint nucl-ex/9906001
Abstract: Proton-proton correlations and correlations of protons, deuterons and tritons with alpha particles from spectator decays following Au + Au collisions at 1000 MeV per nucleon have been measured with two highly efficient detector hodoscopes. The constructed correlation functions, interpreted within the approximation of a simultaneous volume decay, indicate a moderate expansion and low breakup densities, similar to assumptions made in statistical multifragmentation models.

PACS numbers: 25.70.Pq, 21.65.+f, 25.70.Mn, 25.75.Gz

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