Chemical Equilibrium and Isotope Temperatures

Authors: J. Pochodzalla and W. Trautmann
Published: In "Isospin Physics in Heavy-Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies" Eds. Bao-An Li and W. U. Schröder, Nova Science Publishers Inc., New York (2001), p. 451
Preprint GSI-2000-27, September 2000
Preprint nucl-ex/0009016
Abstract: The measurement and interpretation of isotopic yield ratios in heavy ion reactions at intermediate and high energies are discussed and the usefulness of these observables for establishing equilibrium properties and for determining thermodynamic parameters is illustrated. The examples are mainly taken from work performed with lighter projectiles at intermediate and high energies and from studies of spectator reactions at relativistic energies. As an application, the caloric curve of nuclei, as derived for Au on Au collisions, is introduced and discussed.
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