Kinetic Energies in Multifragmentation

Authors: W. Trautmann for the ALADIN collaboration
Published: Proceedings of the 38th International Winter Meeting On Nuclear Physics (Bormio 2000), 24-29 Jan 2000, Bormio, Italy
    edited by I. Iori and A. Moroni (Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente, Milano, 2000)
Abstract: Energy spectra for fragments and light particles from target spectators produced in collisions of 197Au on 197Au at 1000 MeV per nucleon have been measured. In the case of nucleons and alpha particles, a low-temperature equilibrium component and a high-temperature component can be distinguished. For the remaining fragments with 2 <= A < 10, the kinetic-energy spectra exhibit slope temperatures of about 17 MeV, independent of the particle species and including the high-temperature alpha component. It is suggested that these slope temperatures may reflect the intrinsic Fermi motion of the system prior to its decay and it is shown that, in this way, a consistent understanding of the slope temperatures and of the much lower emission temperatures, as deduced from isotope ratios, can be obtained.
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