INDRA@GSI : Collective Flow from Fermi to Relativistic Energies

Authors: J. Lukasik for the INDRA-ALADIN collaboration
Published: To appear in the proceedings of the 'International Workshop on Multifragmentation and Related Topics' (IWM2003), GANIL, Caen, France, 5th-7th November 2003

See also IWM03 home page.

Abstract: We would like to present recent results on directed and elliptic flow measurements done for Au+Au collisions in the interesting transition energy region from 40-150 AMeV. The experiment has been performed with the use of the INDRA detector and the beams from the SIS synchrotron at the GSI. Where available, a reference and comparison to the existing data is made. The new data provides a comprehensive systematics of the collective phenomena as a function of beam energy, centrality and particle type, and offers a basis for theoretical exploration. Two points of the analysis are paid a special attention: the inversion of the directed flow and the transition from in-plane to out-of-plane emmision.
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