Energy dependence of mid-velocity emissions for Xe+Sn

Author: Jerzy Lukasik, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Krakow, Poland
Talk: Presented in the GSI "Palaver" on November 12th, 1997
Abstract: The experimental data obtained with the 4-pi multidetector system INDRA are used to study the evolution of the Light Charge Particle (LCP) and Intermediate Mass Fragment (IMF) production in peripheral and semi-central collisions of Xe+Sn at incident energies from 25 to 50 MeV/nucleon. It has been found that a sizeable fraction of IMF's and LCP's originates from the mid-velocity region. These particles can be seen to come either from a prompt (preequilibrium) mechanism or from a slower, but also dynamically influenced, emissions (neck formation and dynamical break-up). The importance of this effect increases with the bombarding energy leading from DIC-like picture towards the participant-spectator scenario. The size of this effect, its comparison with statistical emission, and their dependence on bombarding energy, will be presented as a function of transverse energy of LCP's, used as a measure of the (non)centrality of the collision. The results are compared to dynamical models, with which a good agreement is obtained.
Transparencies: The 16 transparencies are available as individual Postscript files.
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