Deexcitation of single excited nuclei in the QMD model

Authors: W.F.J. Müller , M. Begemann-Blaich and J. Aichelin
Published: Phys. Lett. B298(1993)27 [->Spires]
PrePrint GSI-92-67, October 1992
Abstract: We investigate the emission pattern of a single excited nucleus in the QMD model and compare the results with several statistical and phenomenological models. We find that the number of intermediate mass fragments as a function of the excitation energy is in very good agreement with the results of statistical models in which the emission pattern is governed by phase space only. This allows two conclusions:
(a) The microscopic dynamical description of the disintegration of static excited nuclei in the QMD yields directly the emission pattern expected from phase space decay. This is the case despite of the fact that nuclear level densities are not given directly but are modeled semiclassically by the nucleon-nucleon interaction. Thus there is no need to supplement the QMD calculations by an additional evaporation model.
(b) Differences between the QMD results and the data are not due to insufficiencies in the description of the disintegration of excited systems. Thus other possible reasons, like a substantial change of the free cross section in the nuclear environment, have to be investigated.

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