Surveying Temperature and Density Measurements in Nuclear Calorimetry

Authors: G. Raciti for the ALADIN collaboration
Published: Proceedings of Bologna 2000: Structure Of The Nucleus At The Dawn Of The Century, Bologna, Italy, 9 May - 3 Jun 2000
     edited by G.C. Bonsignori et al., World Scientific (2001), p. 249
Abstract: An experimental investigation on thermodynamical observables characterizing the conditions of multifragmenting systems is reported. High granularity hodoscopes allowed simultaneous measurements of isotopic and emission temperatures. HBT interferometry with light charged particles allowed radii measurements. The disagreement between the two temperature measurements could be related to the space­time evolution of the fragmentation process as confirmed by density measurements. The slope temperatures derived from the target spectator decay fragment energy spectra suggest a dependence on the Fermi motion within the initial system. The dependence of the Nuclear Caloric Curve on the mass of the systems was probed.
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