Last minute from ALADIN: Temperature Measurements in Au+Au Reactions at Relativistic Energies

Authors: G. Imme et al.
Published: Proceedings of the 1st Catania Relativistic Ion Studies: Critical Phenomena and Collective Observables, Acicastello, May 1996,
    edited by S. Costa et al. World Scientific, Singapore 1996, page 143.
Preprint: GSI-96-30, May 1996
Preprint: nucl-ex/9607003
Abstract: We report on temperature measurements of nuclear systems formed in the Au+Au collisions at incident energies of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 1000 A MeV.The target spectator matter was studied at the highest energy and the interacting zone (participants) at the lower ones.The temperature deduced from the isotope ratios was compared with the one deduced via the excited states population. An unexpected disagreement was found between the two measurements.
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