A multiple sampling time projection ionization chamber for nuclear fragment tracking and charge measurement

Authors: G. Bauer, F. Bieser, F.P. Brady, J.C. Chance, W.F. Christie, M. Gilkes, V. Lindenstruth, U. Lynen, Walter F.J. Müller, J.L. Romero, H. Sann, C.E. Tull, and P. Warren
Published: NIM A386(1997)249
Abstract: A detector has been developed for the tracking and charge measurement of the projectile fragment nuclei produced in relativistic nuclear collisions. This device, MUSIC II, is a second generation Multiple Sampling Ionization Chamber (MUSIC), and employs the principles of ionization and time projection chambers. It provides unique charge determination for charges Z >= 6, and excellent track position measurement. MUSIC II has been used most recently with the EOS (Equation of State) TPC and other EOS Collaboration detectors. Earlier it was used with other systems in experiments at the Heavy Ion Superconducting Spectrometer (HISS) facility at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the ALADIN spectrometer at GSI.

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