The TP-MUSIC Upgrade at the ALADIN Spectrometer

Authors: C. Sfienti et al.
Published: Proceedings of the 41th International Winter Meeting On Nuclear Physics (Bormio 2003), 26 Jan -2 Feb 2003, Bormio, Italy
    edited by I. Iori and A. Moroni (Ricerca Scientifica ed Educazione Permanente, Supplemento no 120, Milano, 2003), p. 323
Abstract: An upgrade of the TP-MUSIC detector at the ALADiN forward spectrometer facility has been performed. In particular, the construction of a new set of proportional counters has been undertaken together with the design of a new read-out system based on high-resolution signal recorders (sampling ADC's) and high-performance digital signal processor (DSP's). The final setup was tested with 12C, 65Zn and 84Kr beams at 600 AMeV.
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