The INDRA documentation

Data Access :

Handling of raw and DST data

Calibration data

Data Reducing :

Hardware :

Beam focusing

Signals check

Target operations
Target operations

Aeration de la chambre

From Atmosphere to Vacuum operations

Acquisition and Trigger:



General procedures :

Alpha Source Run


JBUS (Bus from J.Ropert PC)




Misceleanous softwares

Disk organisation of the alpha cluster

INDRA Slow Monitoring (a.k.a Slow Control )

Spectra visualization with Paw

S185 (INDRA) Software Library

Minutes and Meeting

Indra installation in GSI and tests(10/97-11/97)

January tests (01/98)

Mars tests (20/98)

Data reduction organisation

Eric Plagnol: Opening remarks in ALADIN/INDRA meeting (Nov 11. 1997)

Yvonne Leifels: Testing stopping at relativistic energies (Nov 11. 1997)

J. Lukasik: Energy Calibration of CsI Detectors (Oct 07.1999)

To be written...

- Puting Power on the RACKS

    - The general system (Ropert's doc)
    - Ventilation
    - Camac crate
    - VXI crates   (temp, V and I readout)
    - VME Crates
    - NIM crates
    - CAEN HT crates

- Puting bias on the pre-amplificators

    - special case of ring 1

- HT on target

- Puting pressure in the ionisation Chambers

- In case of a power shut-down    

- Making use of pulser events
    - setting the time sequence of laser and pulser modes

- Dead time of event lengths

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