Spill Scaler Data

The scaler values found in the last event of each spill have been extracted for all runs and are available in two forms:
One file per run with the scaler data of every spill of this run. This information can for example be used to study variations and instabilities of the beam. The extraction procedure and the data format can be found in the documentation of the program IDH_rawspillscaler.
Run Summary
One file per sub-campaign, with with the integrated scaler values for each run. The data format can be found in the documentation of the program IDH_rawspillscaler_sum.
The IDH_rawspillscaler program uses the class IDHrawSpillScaler which is also described in a tutorial.

Please note, that the run-by-run means and variances of the spill scalers are also available as an extract of the `raw data means and variances work'

Web access

The data is available under

/dat/s185/spillscaler folder with all spillscaler files
spillscaler.tar.gz compressed tar file with all spill-by-spill files (14 Mbyte)
spillscaler_sum_jun.dat run summary file for june 98
spillscaler_sum_sep.dat run summary file for september 98
spillscaler_sum_feb.dat run summary file for february 99

Note that the compressed tar archive is 14Mbyte compressed and expands to 1265 files and 48Mbyte ! To expand use

  tar -xzvf spillscaler.tar.gz			# if GNU tar available
  gunzip -c spillscaler.tar.gz | tar -xvf -	# otherwise

GSI local access

The files are accessible from the Linux system under
    /d/kp3/bck/s185/spillscaler			# Spill-by-spill files
    /d/kp3/bck/s185/spillscaler_sum		# run summary files

INDRA Calibration data

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