Raw data means and variances

The mean values and variances of most of the detector parameters as well as for the JBUS values and spill scaler values have been determined for all runs. They are stored in the form of the 0th, 1st and 2nd moment to allow an easy accumulation of a set of runs.

The moments where determined under the following conditions:

The data is available in the form of one file per run. The output was generated with the -format 3 option of IDH_rawmoment, which gives a very compact but flexible data format. Keep in mind that zero's are spupressed in the format, or conversely, that all missing information for a handled parameter implies that there were no counts. The set of handled parameters, the data format as well as the format of the file names is documented with the IDH_rawmoment program.

Associated tools

There is a small Perl script IDH_rawmoment_print available to convert the moments to means and variances. It allows to print the spill-on or spill-off data as well as the sum of the two or the spill-on/spill-off ratio. Please check out the description and the source code.

Data extracts

The per-run mean values of spill-scalers and JBUS readings have been extracted with IDH_rawmoment_print using the -urn and -utime options and are available as gzip'ed text files. The format is one line per run and scaler or jbus parameter like
    4027 14463486 JBUS_4011      43  1741.6     2.4
       ^        ^         ^       ^       ^       ^
       |        |         |       |       |       |
       urn      utime     name    samples mean  variance
where utime is the begin time of the integration time interval, given in seconds since 1-JAN-1998 0:00 UTC.

Web access

The data is available under

/dat/s185/rawmoment_mk3 folder with all moments files
rawmoment_mk3_jun.tar.gz compressed tar file with June '98 runs (22.4 Mb)
rawmoment_mk3_sep.tar.gz compressed tar file with September '98 runs (21.4 Mb)
rawmoment_mk3_feb.tar.gz compressed tar file with February '99 runs (30.6 Mb)
rawmoment_mk3_all_jbus.txt.gz extract with all JBUS data for all runs
rawmoment_mk3_all_scaler.txt.gz extract with all spill SCALER data for all runs

Note that the 3 compressed tar archives have a combined size of 73 Mbyte compressed and expand to 1265 files and 173 Mbyte.

GSI local access

The files are accessible from the Linux system under
    /d/kp3/bck/s185/rawmoment_mk3               # per run files
    /d/kp3/bck/s185/tar                         # tar and extracts

INDRA Calibration data

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