The KP3 Cyberspace

The table below gives a summary of the documents exported by the KP3 WWW server. The columns contain:
T  URL                     Access  Usage

C  /www/                    -      Root - Server Home Page
R  /www/cms/                -      Software documentation
R  /www/cms/amgr/          al         cms_amgr
R  /www/cms/asoft/          -         cms_asoft
R  /www/cms/alib/           -         cms_alib
R  /www/cms/s114/           -         cms_s114
R  /www/cms/s117/           -         cms_s117
R  /www/cms/ulib/           -         cms_ulib
C  /www/comp/              al      KP3 Computing
R  /www/comp/stat/         al      KP3 Computing Statistics
C  /www/doc/               al      Experiment documentation
C  /www/doc/indra/         al         INDRA@GSI documentation
   /www/dox/                -      Doxygen generated C++ user documentation
   /www/dox_dev/            -      Doxygen generated C++ developer documentation
C  /www/gsi-wg4/            -      Working Group on Physics with secondary beams
   /www/html-files/         -      HTML sources of publications and transparencies
   /www/img/                -      Icon gallery
C  /www/indra/              -      INDRA@GSI

C  /www/kp3/                -      General stuff
C  /www/kp3/at/            pw         KP3 internals
C  /www/kp3/people/         -      Profile pages
C  /www/kp3/pictures/       -      Picture repository (text)
C  /www/kp3/publ/           -      Aladin publications

   /www/pictures/           -      Picture repository (images)

   /www/ps-files/           -      Postscript sources of publications
   /www/ps-files/fig/       -      Figure repository

   /www/server/             -      Server area
   /www/server/doc/        al         Server and WWW specific documentation
   /www/server/doc/analog.3.3/        Analog 3.3 documentation
   /www/server/doc/apache.1.3.26/     Apache 1.3.26 documentation
   /www/server/doc/css.1.0/           CSS 1 documentation
   /www/server/doc/doxygen.1.0.0/     doxygen 1.0.0 documentation
   /www/server/doc/doxygen-dev/       doxygen snapshot documentation
   /www/server/doc/html.3.2/          HTML 3.2 documentation
   /www/server/doc/html.4.0/          HTML 4.0 documentation
   /www/server/doc/odbc.2.0/          ODBC 2 documentation
   /www/server/doc/perl.5.0005_02/    Perl 5 documentation
   /www/server/doc/php.3.0.11/        PHP 3 documentation
   /www/server/doc/qt.1.42/           qt 1.42 documentation
   /www/server/doc/qt.2.00/           qt 2.00 documentation
   /www/server/doc/qt.2.0.2/          qt 2.0.2 documentation
   /www/server/doc/qt.2.1.1/          qt 2.1.1 documentation

   /www/tex-files/at/      pw      TeX sources of publications

R  /lists/                  -      Mailing list archives

R  /dat/src/                -      CMS Reference Copies: direct source code access
R  /dat/src/amgr/          al         ref_amgr
R  /dat/src/asoft/          -         ref_asoft
R  /dat/src/alib/           -         ref_alib
R  /dat/src/s114/           -         ref_s114
R  /dat/src/s117/           -         ref_s117
R  /dat/src/ulib/           -         ref_ulib

M  /dat/cvs/                -      CVS Reference Copies
M  /dat/cvs/asoft/          -         asoft
M  /dat/cvs/CTB/            -         CTB
M  /dat/cvs/s185/           -         s185
M  /dat/cvs/s254/           -         s254

 * /dat/cvsweb/             -      CVSweb - source view mapping

M  /dat/exp/               pw      Archieve of final ALADiN Datasets
M  /dat/exp/s114/          pw         S114 Data

M  /dat/s185/              pw      S185 internal data pool
M  /dat/s185/tar/          pw         tar files for data export

M  /dat/s254/              pw      S254 internal data pool

M  /doc/                    -      Debian document tree

   /~<username>/            -      User documents

 * /cgi-bin/cvsweb/         -      Access to CVS history log 

 * /cgi-bin/info2www        -      The GNU Info Node to HTML Gateway
 * /cgi-bin/man2html        -      Access to local man documentation

R* /HELP/                   -      VMS HELP gateway

 * /www/server/status       -      Web access to server status

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