KP3 Books

A list of books bought on request of KP3 and located in our offices

L.P. Csernai and D.D. Strottman (Editors)
Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics
International Review of Nuclear Physics, Volume 5, 1991
International Review of Nuclear Physics, Volume 6, 1991
World Scientific, Singapore
Location: W. Trautmann

William R. Leo
Techniques for Nuclear and Particle Physics Experiments
Springer, Berlin, 1987
Location: W. Trautmann

Thomas Ferbel (Editor)
Experimental Techniques in High Energy Nuclear and Particle Physics
Second Edition, World Scientific, Singapore, 1991
Location: W. Trautmann

Dietrich Stauffer and Amnon Aharony
Introduction to Percolation Theory
Second Edition, Taylor and Francis, London, 1992
Location: A. Wörner

Cheuk-Yin Wong
Introduction to High-Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions
World Scientific, Singapore, 1994
Location: W. Trautmann

J.M. Yeomans
Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transitions
Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1992
Location: W.F.J. Müller
Last updated: March 18th, 1995
Walter F.J. Müller

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