GSI has new Phone Number

Effective April 3rd, 1995, GSI will have a new phone number
which replaces the old number +49-6151-359-extension. With the old number it wasn't possible to call GSI extensions from many foreign countries. The new number is one digit shorter and avoids this problem. Every GSI phone and FAX with a 4 digit extension can now be called from everywhere in the world, hopefully.
Note, that the old number will be available in parallel till end of April.

The following notes are only valid till April 2nd, 1995

International calls to GSI

GSI has the phone number
The GSI telephone system changed from 3 digit extensions to 4 digit extensions on June 11th,1994. A full GSI phone number has therefore 13 digits in international connections. Unfortunately there is a limit of 12 digits between Germany and most other countries. The last digit will be dropped, the caller is connected to the switchboard, the GSI operator will complete the call.

FAX Connections

The KP3 division can be reached via two FAX numbers:
	2989 or 989   local FAX of KP1 and KP3 division
	2785 or 785   central GSI FAX
Both FAX systems have a 4 digit and also a 3 digit number. Use the 3 digit number for international calls to avoid the 12 digit limitation !

Note: An international call to a 4 digit FAX number is supposed to be automatically re-routed to the central GSI FAX. Nice in theory, but don't count on it.

Bottom line on FAX Connections

Use +49-6151-359-989 to send a FAX to KP3 group members.
Last updated: March 30th, 1995
Walter F.J. Müller

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