INDRA at GSI : the scientific goals.

The present status of the analysis of the data obtained by INDRA at the GANIL energies show that new and important effects have been observed : predominant neck formation and decay, vaporisation, Z and angle dependent flow patterns... Most of these observations point to the importance of dynamical effects and are, qualitatively, close to the prediction of a variety of "dynamical" models (Landau-Vlasov , QMD). The necessary generalisation of these conclusions suffers from the limited energy range covered by the GANIL. The coming of INDRA to SIS (GSI synchrotron) would allow to extend and validate these conclusions. It will also allow to link these results to those obtained by the complementary programs of the FOPI and ALADIN collaborations. It has been checked by realistic simulations that the detector is capable of obtaining hight quality measurements as has been the case for the GANIL experiments.

Proposals of Experiment:

Multifragmentation, radial flow and phase transitions for large nuclear systems.

Dynamics of Spectator Fragmentation

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