S114 Final Data

Still in progress !

The charge correlation data of the projectile spectator fragmentation obtained in the S114 experiment are available as plain text. The text files are compressed with the gzip routine using Lempel-Ziv coding (LZ77).

Access to the data files is password protected. If you are interested to analyse our data let us know. Contact Walter F.J. Müller or another member of the ALADiN collaboration and we'll be happy to arrange for the access authorization.

As text files following reactions are available :

AuAu600 189130
AuAu800 87544
AuAu1000 130929

 Au    Be    1000    in preparation
 Au     C    1000    in preparation
 Au    Al    1000    in preparation
 Au    Cu    1000    in preparation

Walter F.J. Müller
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